Wednesday, April 17, 2013

S&W Appreciation Days are posting...

I did my automatically, so mine went up midnight PDT. It's 1:30 AM, now, here in Los Angeles. I just got back from my Bicycle Cabal ride. Fun, drunk and cheap burritos...

Had to check on things before going to bed, and I ended up getting sucked into the early bird posts of S&W Appreciation Day. OMG, really amazing stuff so far. And it's only getting started. Not everyone scheduled their posts to go up on the 17th exactly, heck, I'm three hours later than a ton of you. Still, wow. GOOD STUFF. The next (new) issue of Knockspell is going to rule. I hope mine makes the cut, I want it in there... for sure.

So, had to also share that I took advantage of the 25% off S&W sale. I got me this:


Basically it's the official Monster Manual for Swords & Wizardry. I felt stupid when it got announced. I owned Monster Book (the original version of this) so I thought it'd be the same. Boy was I wrong. It's huge. Comes will little encounters (or adventures) or lairs. Awesome cover... Rad, just rad. Well, I ordered it... so yeah!

Happy Swords & Wizardry day.

Don't forget to comment or submit something for my appreciation post. Win an analog, dead tree, old-school RPG zine!

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