Thursday, June 6, 2013


FRIDAY, no real plans. Come hang out during day, but some of us are going to Jubilee late afternoon for some indie-hipster-rock. Tickets are expensive, attendance not mandatory. But we should be out of there by 9PM, if people are down, out and about, or at a bar or some other thing. Let me know, post it!

SATURDAYAll day. "Mandatory", if you know me, you know what that means

NOON-ish? I need someone to take me (drive me) to STUFFED SANDWICH so I can get my birthday glass. For lunch, so I'm thinking Noon? One or two beers. Then from there get bike and head to HUBBUB for BEEER SHARE, like 1-ish til 5-ish? 

5PM-ish, SHAKEY'S Ye Old Pizza Parlor in GLENDALE for pitchers, pizza, mojos with sides of mojos. Do we have to make reservations? I want Reverend Dak on the marquee. Can someone do this for me?

7PM-ish, SPOKE(N)ART, for BEER AND ART. We'll catch up, I'll just call Josef. Easy Peasy.

SUNDAY, Actual Birthday.

Breakfast with family. This will be early, I want to be done early and get my ass to Natural History Museum LA. Devo will be playing outdoors, DJs indoors, some science seminars. I don't wanna miss Devo, so I plan to be there pretty much the whole day.