Friday, November 26, 2010

BUY NOTHING DAY, listen to the Reverends instead! #bnd2010

Listen to The Rev's Show LIVE at 2PM.
You can join us at
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Give us a call at 213-252-0998.

Do your best not to spend any money. If you can help it, don't give your money to some stupid corporation. If you must, SHOP LOCAL! Find a Mom & Pop, independant and small business that has what you need.

Learn about Buy Nothing Day!

Don't forget to ride your bike, the traffic is going to be atrocious.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Three Business Days Later...

Three Business Days Later...

Monday, November 22, 2010, 06:41 PM PST

...or five earth days if you count the weekend.

On Saturday Wizard’s CustHelp contacted me. They informed me that it was a problem with Paypal. Because the payment was over 60 days ago (which is a DUH! because it was a yearly subscription) the refund was refused. Why didn’t they know that? Why weren’t they informed the first time? Why did it take a month for them to figure it out?

So, OK, what next? It was a weekend so I didn’t bother prying.

An email from Digital River disguised as Wizards Customer Help arrived this morning. It asked me to confirm my address so they can send me a check. They also noted that the check will take 4 to 6 weeks. Simply amazing. They have a paypal account, don’t they? They could have just paid me through the account. But they choose to use snail mail, paper and now I’ll have to go to the bank to deposit a $9.90 check.

Thanks, WotC. Thanks a lot.

I find it crazy how a business can take their time with your money, while if I owed them $9.90 and took as long as they did, my balance would have probably went to collections with all kinds of service charges and interest. But as an individual I don’t have a team of lawyers to do any suing.

Wouldn’t it have been easier for them to send me a voucher or subscription code for a couple months like I asked in the first place?

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I'm Not Happy With WotC Customer Service...

...or why I won't be spending another dime on D&D.

I requested an extension for the two months that there were no updates to Character Builder. This was around the same time the forums were heating up about the lack of updates, my subscription was expiring and they announced that a new Character Builder was being produced. I wanted an extension because I had an existing subscription, and I didn't want to pay an extra premium (a full price re-subscription) to try out the new web-based Character Builder. I thought it was a fair request, it was denied even after several attempts to reason with them. I finally gave up and accepted the 2-month refund. That's when I attempted to deactivate the Auto-Renewal. The system wouldn't allow me to access my account, so I reported it to Wizard CustServ. On their own they disabled the auto-renew, but didn't fix my account access. (Although I think they should have fixed it and allowed me to unclick it myself - but that's fine.) 10 days later, as they stated (it would take 5-10 days,) I checked on my status, and they said I was refunded for the two months, but that was not the case - I checked both my Paypal and Bank Account. I re-opened the case and they insisted that I was refunded. I got busy and check 10 days later, still no refund. I re-opened the case again. This time they did note that it didn't go through, and they resubmitted for the refund. I either missed that notice, or wasn't sent one. So I checked again three days later, no refund and to be safe I tried to check my account information with them. My account still reported a server error message, which I copied for them - just in case.

Three days later I get a reply stating that it has been reported to the "department" that handles these type of issues and if I didn't hear from them (them being Digital River, as I found out) in three days to call a number with a ticket number. I called the number today, because I didn't hear from them. The support agent on that end looked up my information and told me that they don't handle refunds, and that I have to contact the supplier (WotC). They're obviously not on the same sheet of music.

It's been a MONTH since I accepted the refund, only to be giving the classic run-around. I have to wait again up to three days to be contacted by Digital River. 

Since I started this process, a month and a half ago, I've been denied a simple request and had to basically give in to accept a partial refund, only to be given a run-around for a month. The lack of communication, questionable policies and just plain customer service is disappointing.

I have tons of great customer service stories that I would to share, to show what I expected of WotC. I've work retail for 3.5 years, and IT for the past ten. I know what customer service is.

WotC doesn't seem to have a clue. 

I'll be back in three days.

A public rant on WotC Customer Service.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

You can totally JB WELD a Nalgene bottle

I'm so happy. I've missed this old bottle, i'm glad i saved it. I had a bit of the stuff left over from some other thing i was fixing, went looking for something else to fix and saw my old bottle. Rad. I also jb welded a cracked flask. According to their site, it's non-toxic!

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Happy Birthday Esther...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How-to - 1and1 and Posterous Custom Domains

Posterous recently implemented simple Custom Domains. So I decided to try it. But Posterous's help file doesn't actually help. First of you don't need to change the A record. What you want to do is change the CNAME instead to If you look at the following pics, it'll all make sense:

Log into your admin account at 1and1, and then get to Manage Domains.

Then create your domain, in my case I made a sub-domain of reverenddak. There is probably a bunch of things you have to do if you're doing a new domain. I didn't try. But it's probably easy for you if you work on websites.

Next you select the domain you created.

This is where Posterous's help doesn't work for 1and1. You don't want to change the A Record, you need to change the CNAME. And you enter as the Alias. Hit OK or whatever, then you're done on the 1and1 side. You probably should get a coffee, or catch up on a TV show, because it might take a while for it to take effect. Sometimes it is immediate, sometimes it takes a while. I've done a lot of subdomains, and it's pretty typical.  
Ok, when you come back to your computer, log into your Posterous account and go to the Settings page for your Posterous site. It can only be your primary account, well it is for me. Edit or modify your site. Then enter the domain your created under domain. When you hit save it should be done. 

So go and check! It should work, if it doesn't I can try and help, but yeah...

I hope this helps some of you. You'll also notice that your old URLs will automatically redirect to your new fancy domain. All old URLS on other sites that pointed to any of your posts will still work. It's pretty cool. 

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Dealing with Prop 21 (fail) and Prop 22 (pass)

I have an idea: Since Prop 22 won, effectively allowing cities to keep
a certain chunk of money earmarked for Transportation and their
property taxes. Before that the State has been diverting this money to
public services, such as schools and new fire trucks. I think it's a
good time for us, the rest of us, to start demanding that our public
officials spend that money properly. We don't need any more malls, we
don't need a new robotic parking lots. We need updated schools and
public spaces - parks! Since Prop 21 loss, State Parks aren't going to
get their $18 per car. They have to continue relying on gate fees,
public trusts and donations. At this rate State Parks are going to go
to shit. More will shut down - not that nature will care. The worst
case scenario is that the state will have to sell the land, and
someone will develop it. Cities will use their Transporation funds to
build new and expensive highways through their new purchased watershed
turned toll road.

Unless we do something about it.

How about we demand that our cities maintain these state parks and
keep them as parks?

Now for a rant: I know that a ton of these city officials are in bed
with developers. And maintaining a park isn't going to make anyone
rich. But NO ONE should be getting rich at the expense of the people.
I don't understand how we let it happen, and I don't understand why it
continues. People should be volunteering time, money and resources for
things that the public needs. Meaning, no one should be getting rich
from public projects. But it appears tons of people are, including
public officials. My tax dollars shouldn't be lining anyone's pockets,
especially a multi-million dollar developer.

Thinking about this really pisses me off. I could use Prop 19 right around now.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My votes for today

This is my voting guide for this year. I gave this year's measures a good amount of my time. I didn't bother much with the political seats, since i hate politicians so much. I would put one out for Gavin Newsom for Lt. Gov and Kamala Harris for AG, mainly because I would like to get Newsom out of SF, and Steve Cooley is a douche.
Oh yeah, don't forget your pen so you can write in JOSEPH "JOE" H. BORFO for Governor.
The quick rundown:
19 - YES
20 - YES
21 - NO, my hardest pick.
22 - YES
23 - NO, FUCK NO!
24 - YES
25 - YES
26 - NO
27 - NO

See the attached PDF for details.