Monday, May 2, 2011

The Intro Adventure

May 7th is coming up faster than I expect. I'm somewhat prepared. I know the rules. I have an adventure that I've read and think I'm prepared for. But there are few things I have not done. I need a character sheet. None of the ones I've found do it for me, so I might have to start from scratch. There are also a few things I'm not sure how I want to do. Pre-made characters? Or create new ones on the spot. There are also a few rules things I want to iron out, but I want to see what the group wants to do about it. I want the game to be very cooperative, but at the same time I want to make sure we play the game I want to play. I AM the DM! 

I recently picked up a copy of OSRIC, man it is good. The afterword was very inspiring. Stuart Marshal had five pieces of advice that I want to share here (I'll be paraphrasing) 

  1. Play it FAST. Roll handfulls of dice. 
  2. Skip the boring bits. Fudge to make things faster. Place the appropriate burden on the appropriate side of the screen.
  3. Making Characters is FAST. Fights are Furious. Characters will die, make a new one! Players aren't entitled to be hero, they can be heroes if they desire, it's not a right. What that also means to me is that characters aren't automatically Super Heroes but they can be if they play smart and desire it.
  4. Don't tolerate dithering! Act, deliberately and quickly.
  5. The DM creates the world. The players create the characters that want something from it. The characters have to go out and get it, the burden of a good story is on everyone, not just the DM.

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