Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Racist Post

First off, FUCK YOU. You can try, but you can't tell me what is racist and what is not. I know racism. I know when something is about racism and when it's not. I know when it's racist, but I also understand context and intent. I know mean and nasty. I know jokes and irony. But don't pretend you understand. You don't. No more than I understand what it's like to be a woman in a man's world. So let me make this clear :

The Zimmerman trial is all about racism. It reeks of it, it stinks of it. If you can't smell it, it's because either you're ignorant (which is fine) or you're racist (not okay). That trial was so racist that the judge didn't even allow racism to be part of the evidence against Zimmerman. Evidence that Zimmerman was racist was not allowed in court. Because it was not relevant? What the fuck is that all about? Of course it's relevant. There is nothing worse than a white person telling a person of color that something isn't racist. Much less what's relevant or what matters. The dismissive language from the apologists is disgusting. Get over it? Move on? "Worst things in the world?" Are you fucking kidding me? No, there actually isn't anything worst than the privileged oppressive behavior towards the disadvantaged.

Manslaughter, at least. But nothing? That's seriously about as bad as it gets.

So, no. Fuck you. It's a big fucking deal. And I'm fucking pissed, and scared. We're all fucked.


  1. I did not really follow the trial but I did hear (1) all white jury ; (2) prosecution would try to show racial motivation on Zimmerman's part and that was enough for me to think "acquittal". White people do not want to hear about racism, especially in red states but really everywhere. They want to think it is fixed. I am a white person. I have seen many otherwise rational white people say that because a particular case of alleged racism was without merit all allegations are without merit. Very sad.

    Having said that, the real problem IMO is that the SYG law basically says if you feel afraid, shoot to kill. We've spent the last 12 years in this country being told "be afraid, be very afraid". Zimmerman's lawyers had to convince group of white women that a young black man is scary; if so, it's ok to shoot him per SYG.

    I can't say whether or not Zimmerman was motivated by racism when he killed Martin, or if it was some other equally repugnant emotion, or what. But it appears that he did have the law on his side, as well as the general mood of state of Florida, and of too large a part of America.

  2. All I can say is -

  3. Absolutely agreed. The whole thing stinks of racism from top to bottom.

    I would, however put this, "You can try, but you can't tell me what is racist and what is not. I know racism," a tad less strongly, as it is, it implies that an Hispanic person or a Jewish person (or whatever-person, just pick a group you don't belong to) cannot inform you of racism that you've missed.

    Other than that little nitpick, spot on and good for you.