Monday, April 1, 2019


Kuoleman Puutarha by Hugo Simberg
The two best things that Google ever did since Gmail and Google (the search) was INBOX and Google Plus.

Inbox helped me manage my email much better than Gmail alone, which was already a zillion times better than "generic" email, like Outlook. Who remembers Netscape? It was an internet suit that had a browser and email, and some other stuff i forget...Inbox ruled, I wish they'd just let people keep using the app and just deprecate it, instead of killing it wholesale.

Google Plus was hands down the best social media site ever, it had the best content control and it had ZERO ADS (probably how it died, but still...) Circles, although it confuses everyone, allowed amazing content control of who you see, who you "can" see, who can see you, and what people can see. Yes, there were some hacks, and some security flaws, but it was a work in progress, and the RPG gaming scene and a lot of the Android (the OS) developer scenes really saw its value, even though no one in Google did.

They were both quality products from Google, and they are both shutting down... uh, today? Or tomorrow. It seems to be a slow death for both of them as features are disappearing (maybe just on G+) and Inbox gives you a warning every time you open it.


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