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Voting Guide, 2018 - Midterms, etc. Nov 6th, 2018 by Rev. Dak.

Introduction: It's that time again for my voter guide. I don't usually do midterms, but with all this "Blue-wave" talk, and the general disenchantment with our current leadership, why the heck not. This voter guide is very Los Angeles California specific. You can take-away two things from this, even if you're not from LA. Such as the kind of laws we're trying to pass, and my politics -- which I guarantee will NOT align 100% with you. I may revise this as more eyes critique it, I have been swayed on several issues before. You can find my most up-to-date voter guide here.

ALL OFFICES: Don't forget your pen! 

Write-in vote for Joseph Helvetica Borfo for all positions in 2018, at least. Definitely vote against any Republicans, because everyone knows you have to be AWFUL (or "awesome" if you're a shit person) to want to fly that fucking GOP flag. I hope if you're reading this that I don't have to explain what politics in the US have become. None of these candidates are going to show any guts, much less compassion or empathy for the people they are actively hurting with their inaction and bullshit. Gavin Newsom for Governor? WTF, another career politician... surprise. And my past favorite, Xavier Becerra - I was a fan of this guy, but now he's AG, he replaced Kamala Harris (the cop, therefore ACAB), so I don't even know. He works for the cops now, so gross. I can't even...

Most important is US SENATOR. Anybody but Feinstein should be good. I'd go as far as to say anyone not a Democrat, but that might hurt some of the heads of you folks that love your political duopoly. You should know me by now, I hate politicians, and don't believe in "leaders".

STATE MEASURES (California) 

1 NO: Oh boy, let's kick off with a bond -- my fucking favorite, right after politicians. $4-billion bond for "low-income housing" assistance. This already exists, they just want more money. They're pulling on your heart-strings with this one too. They say it's for veterans and the homeless (yes, some), they say it doesn't raise taxes (duh! It's a bond). But fuck-off, it DOES raise taxes, how else do you pay off bonds? (with tax dollars!) Oh, who can buy these bonds? Oh, right, rich people, the same people that get bailed out if their "investments" fail. Yeah, unfortunately the only person fighting this is some NIMBY that doesn't want transportation-based housing (housing near transportation hubs, like along the Expo Metro line). And folks for it are "non-profits" (aka lobbyists), who were able to convince the CA Legislature to put this (and other bonds) on the ballot. How many of these legislatures have ties with developers, the folks that will be raking in all this dough in the end. Yeah, politics is a racket folks. Prediction: Neo-Libs love this shit, pass.

2 NO: Another bond, this one is pretty redundant because it is about housing, but it is also focused on the mentally ill. I focused on those making the arguments for and against. One is a small charity (Nami Contra Costa) that is active in supporting the mentally ill. The others, lobbyists for people that "care" about the mentally ill. See the difference? Nami is in opposition, because it TAKES AWAY funding that has already been issued for mental health programs to focus on building housing. Sound familiar? And it's a bond. So someone is getting rich, especially bond holders and developers (who are likely the same people). Prediction: Pass.

3 NO: Yikes, I would only support this if it wasn't a bond. I'm telling you, BONDS ARE SCAMS. They're great for bond holders, who are basically rich folks that get rich "helping" their community. The projects that this funds are pretty awesome - a network of systems that would save rain water, clean it, conserve and use it, while creating natural environments that would be pleasant for everyone, but the Trump loving lobbyist "farmers" in Central CA hate it, so I won't feel as bad if it passes. But because Trump country Californian pay more attention to stuff like this, they might get there way. Prediction, the only bond that will fail.

4 NO: Every election, I swear, the "Children's Hospital" lobby asks for more money, and every fucking election they get it. What did they do with all the money from the last election? Oh, right... nothing. They just re-word it every election. This money goes to developers and private hospital administrators. Let's just pay for this things with a budget, and quit with the bond bullshit. FUUUUUCH!!! I really hate the opponent of this proposition, so it always makes me feel dirty when take sides with them. It'll probably pass because of the childrens.

5 NO: Oh boy, taxes. This restructures the weird property tax laws if you're a 55+ home owner. Everyone else, hah! Fuck off. It's basically a tax break for senior citizen homeowners, if this is you, you want this. Will this ever be me? Hahahaha... can you read the doubt in my words? You'd see it in my eyes. There are major fiscal impacts if this were to pass, including up to losses of up to a $1-billion in tax revenue, money that would go to pay off those BONDS you all fucking love so much. In the end, higher taxes for everyone! It'll pass, because senior citizens vote.

6 NO: Hahah, there is one tax I have little issues with, and they're luxury taxes. I consider driving a luxury. I also consider the fuel you put in your oversized death machine a taxable luxury. Ironically Prop 6 is a reaction to SB 1, a tax that your legislators voted for, and it was signed off by Jerry Brown. I say ironically because this was one of the few times that your political "leaders" created a law that made sense, and actually created jobs, and repairs our ancient ass roads and bridges. Proponents want to kill it, and make it practically impossible to maintain a basic infrastructure (our roads). I agree that existing taxes need to be used more efficiently before increasing them, but SB 1 has proven to actually be working. It's forced by last June's prop 69, that protected the funds from being used for anything else but transportation infrastructure. It's this money that is being used to make streets safer, car lovers HATE THAT. I love what they hate. SALT!

7 YES: I hate Daylight Saving Time (DST). It's stupid. Noon should be noon, and the sun should be on the same longitude-ish. The opponents hate DST too, but are against this law for the wrong reason. They assume that if this law passes, California will vote to be full time DST. I don't want that either, I want full-time STANDARD TIME - where the sun is pretty much at the 12-o'clock position in the sky, not 1PM. Fucking pick one. This proposition allows us to do just that, pick one. It allows us to CHOOSE ONE, or the other, or keep the time switch. But it puts it to a vote, not some stupid arbitrary failed idea from 70 years ago. Fuck I hope this passes, and we can end that stupid time change (which is this weekend, btw.)

8 YES: Health "care" (haahahh!) in America doesn't exist. We have a for-profit health "insurance" system that relies on profits as the indicator of success. Is that the kind of healthcare we want in the US? The current dialysis system sucks, it's too expensive, and it's because it's a racket, and the providers want to keep it that way. That is why this proposition exists in the first place, we pay too much just to stay alive. The opponents are all lobbies. The proponents are patients and consumer groups. Who do you trust more?

9 NO: Two states. We want TWO states. North and South. Two, two states... not three (or six). What we really want is secession from the rest of the country, or that might be just me.

10 YES: Big fucking yes on this one. It repeals a super-dooper, developer and landlord friendly EXCEPTION to existing rent control laws, particularly the 1995 Costa-Hawkins act. Housing is fucked in California, especially in Los Angeles. This may fix it in the long run, because rent control in LA is extremely flawed. Anything new (all those fancy bonds that you voted for the past few decades to build "affordable" housing) is not subject to rent control, so the landlords can raise monthly rates arbitrarily. This can (hopefully) fix that. And all the "flaws", that prop 10 "enables" according to opponents, are things they're ALREADY DOING, like using rental properties as AirBNBs and increasing rents. There is a reason why one of the US's biggest private property owners (Blackstone) is pouring millions of dollars against this, and it's not to keep rent reasonable, they only care about profit.

11 NO: I waffled on this. I think this proposition is weird. It is basically creating a new class of first responder out of private ambulance companies. I had no clue that 75% of all ambulances, who respond to 911 calls, are private ambulances? This law is even weirder in that it regulates the private ambulance industry. I kind of feel like this might be an attempt to privatize another emergency public service. It increases required training, but also eliminates some liability -- that makes no sense to me. Even though there are no opponents, it’s become clear to me is that this is really about the liability, and also the break requirements afforded other jobs.

12 NO: This is a ruse, by the biggest "Humane Society" group to backpedal on their old proposition (Prop 2 from 2008). Prop 2 promised humane, cage-free, farming by 2015. Well that came and gone, and we're still not 100% cage/cruelty free, because the law was poorly written, and had too many exceptions and unenforceable elements. Prop 12 takes those flaws and loopholes and makes them law! It allows for cages (1-ft square) for egg laying hens, and worse for pigs and cows. It's an example of the compromises that these large "non-profits" make with their supposed opponents. Kind of like Greenpeace when they made compromises with Japanese whalers, etc. FUCKK THAT. If you believe in the humane treatment of animals, this is NOT that.

COUNTY MEASURES (Los Angeles County) 

W YES: I love this one. This is a parcel tax, mainly on people that have paved over their yards, or built McMansions, covering the ground, and forcing more water to flow into the streets and thus into the ocean. It forces land owners to reconsider the materials they use to "pave" their land - particularly impermeable materials over large areas. Los Angeles has a water table, and it's not being replenished because water that would normally seep into the earth, and naturally be filtered and become drinking water, is flowing into the ocean instead. Imagine everyone drinks from the same tub through a straw, and suddenly there isn't any water. That's our water table. The tax will be used to store and capture what little rain we get, and clean it for daily use and drought preparedness. This is a good tax.

CITY MEASURES (Los Angeles) 

B YES: Public banking! Millions of dollars are in service fees is being wasted, going straight into the pockets of bankers on Wall Street. Just to manage the city's money. This allows the city to establish a public bank, and get rid of the middle men on Wall Street.

E YES: Align the election dates for City primaries with the state's? WTF, how is this not already a thing?


EE YES: Same as E, but for LAUSD... how did they even get split?

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