Thursday, March 7, 2013

XP for GP, yes, but how in DCC RPG?

Before I dug deep into DCC RPG, I was experimenting with Swords & Wizardry. The basic rule for treasure was 1d3+1 times XP of the monster = GP. In pretty much all old-editions of D&D, GP = XP. I subscribe to this. +Erik Tenkar got thinking about it: I got my copies of the S&W kickstarter rewards and read my mis-covered copy of MCMLXXV too, and it too got me thinking about how to reward XP for treasure. At least spending it (which is what some DMs like to do.) Yes, I know, there isn't much treasure in DCC RPG... that's what they say, but in reality there is plenty. But that's besides the point. There are some loose rules on pg 360 on rewarding XP, including spending gold on carousing, training, worshiping and research. And I know that some folks are pretty good at winging these rewards. I'm not, I'm more systematic with things. I have problems awarding Luck for the same reasons, I need a more systematic way of doing it. Systems help me remember, and it also keeps things fair. Some players are better than others in reminding me, "did we get XP for that?" It comes down to this:

How do you reward XP for non-combat? And if you don't use the standard (RAW) XP, pretend that you do, and how do you do it. Also remember I like things systematic.


  1. I tend to give XP for class oriented accomplishments. Say a thief finds a trap, I'll put a check on a tally sheet. Mage learns a new spell. A cleric converts. A fight critically hits or bashes down a door. Whatever I think would gain them more insight into the class/profession they have chosen. The players always liked it and kept tally sheets themselves. Of course multi-classes would gain an advantage, but they have a higher XP requirement and the 'bonus' XP given is nominal. I like to do 25xp multiplied by the character's level. So far its worked.

  2. I usually give 1XP per 500gp in value recovered to the safe house/when they sell it. due to my bad book keeping I am certain that the PCs have been given double rewards at least once. But if you are more on top of it it seems to work well. enough to make a difference to leveling but not a 1:1 which would have them double leveling every week or so. (for reference I give 1XP/encounter (including monsters and traps))