Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crawl! A fanzine for DCC RPG


It's happening. I'm making a zine for DCC RPG. It's fully licensed to be compatible with DCC RPG and the first issue is being proofed and drafted right now.

What is Crawl!? It's a fanzine. It'll be produced as a short, digest sized pamphlet. It'll be hand-made and stapled. It'll be just like your punk-rock anarchist zine. But instead of tape and clue, it'll be lay-out using state-of-the-art Desktop Publishing software... not really. I'm using Scribus, which is Open Source Software. It will be folded and stapled by hand, probably by me. It will be available exclusively in this zine format. Which is perfect to use at your table.

It'll have some good shit, I promise. The art is awesome and original and by members of my weekly DCC campaign. The articles will be written by me and hopefully YOU!

Open submissions will start in March. The first issue will be out in April. And I'm really excited about it.

Check out the website at for updates, teasers and pre-order info. 

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