Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ability Checks, revised.

Ability Checks, revised.

After more testing, I'm finding that my original dice numbers were too low. To keep them inline with the static numbers (the checks with no die rolling) I had to bump up the dice by one, oops.

  • Easy 2d6
  • Routine: 3d6
  • Moderate: 4d6
  • Hard: 5d6
  • Impossible: 6d6

Some players insist on rolling. So you can have them roll a d20, add their modifier (which is negligible at this point) and have them beat either the static numbers (easiest, just like OGL) or have them beat a variable number (more rolling, but more fun.)

For example. If they are trying to kick down a random door they come across. The stronger player kicks it, rolls a d20+str mod, and then I'd determine that it's a common door, so I'd make it routine and roll 3d6. Tie would go to the PC, since he's doing the attempt. 

It's not perfect, but it's quick! 

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