Thursday, June 2, 2011

Magical Calender Thingie

The Magical Calendar is inspired by the dates referenced in Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar series and Zak S's amazing Vornheim-The Complete City Kit. This is my attempt at a hack some of these ideas and make a random calendar date generator. (In fact I'm entering it in Zak's Hack Vornheim Contest.)

Click the above PNG or get the PDF.

Yes, the calendar has 45 possible days, but you don't have to use every "day". The goal is to produce a random day with a fantasy theme. The animals can also represent weeks, while the rows and columns can represent gods, decades or eras (i.e. ages).

How to use: Roll a d4 on the chart (a physical printed copy, if it isn't obvious!) Re-roll anything you don't like.
  • The die value determines the time of day and season (or both.) This sub-chart is also located in the corners of the main chart (i.e 1=Summer/Day, 2=Autumn/Dusk.)
  • Where the die lands determines the Day or Week (represented by an animal.) 
  • If the die is high (3 or 4) look up to determine the Month or Year, etc.
  • If the die is low (1 or 2) look down to determine the Month or Year, etc.
  • If the die is odd (1 or 3) look left to determine the Week or Month, etc.
  • If the die is even (2 or 4) look right to determine the Week or Month, etc.
For example, a roll of 3 landing on the Spider could be The Year of Tyranny, the Month of the Giant, the Day of the Spider, on a Winter's Night. Or, a 2 landing on the Snail could be the The Year of God of War in the Age of Dragons, at Dusk in Autumn. To determine the next day, don't completely re-roll, just pick the next animal on the chart (keeping the same month, year, etc.) or just re-roll the animal. You don't need me, or this chart, to determine how many days in a week, or months in a year-make it up, roll some dice or use the conventional 30-ish days, 12 months (or moons!) a year.

If you like your days numbered (although I don't see the point) roll a d30 instead (if you don't have one of these old dice, then you can roll a d6 divide by 2 and a d10 like you're rolling d100) and the animal it lands on can be the week or month, etc., using the same as results as above. For the time of day or season it is basically the same; Odd/Low=Summer/Day, Odd/High=Winter/Night, Even/High=Dawn/Spring, Even/Low=Autumn/Dusk. Again re-roll anything you don't like.

The animal silhouettes are from Arthur's Clip art:

The font is Requiem, free:

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