Monday, June 6, 2011

Old School at Pasadena D&D Meetup Returns...

...July 2, 2011!

If you're part of my weekly home-game or a member of the S&W Creative Guild, please contact me directly if you want me to save you a seat. 

0e: Swords & Wizardry--Old-School Dungeon Crawl (Original D&D)
DM: The Reverend Dak
Level: 1 (Continuing Adventure)
Start Time: 2:30PM
Length: 4 hours
Players: Guild Member, Guild Member
Open seats: 4

A day's travel outside of the town of Torches are the punished remains of a monastery. Several months ago the skies over the temple were filled with the wrath of a god. All the building were destroyed by hundreds of bolts of lightening. The peasants believe the Iron God destroyed his own monks as punishment for their greed. Rumors are that heretical monks have accumulated great treasures in their catacombs instead of living the frugal life required by their god. 

The monk's ill-gotten treasures must still be there!

A few weeks ago a small group of adventures returned from the first known foray. One member was dead, and another caught in a hypnotic trance. After some recovery, the members of this group are ready to return to the Tomb of the Iron God!


Using the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules. Bring your own characters, or request a pre-gen. The adventure continues from the May meet-up.  For more info see these pages:

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