Friday, December 3, 2010

Buy Nothing Day + Carnivalesque Rebellion | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

Buy Nothing Christmas

Dreading the holiday season? The frantic rush and stress? The to-do lists and sales hype? The spiritless hours trapped in malls?

This year, why not gather together your loved ones and decide to do things differently? With the simplest of plans you can create a new rhythm, purpose and meaning for the holidays. Why not take the spirit of Buy Nothing Day and morph it into Buy Nothing Christmas?

With catastrophic climate change looming, we the rich one billion people on the planet have to consume less! And if that's too extreme for grandma and the kids, try for a Buy Less Christmas. And maybe a buy local, buy fairer, buy indie Christmas. Whatever you decide, 'tis the season to reclaim our year-end celebrations and make them our own again.

Buy Nothing Xmas Actions

If you want to go one step further off the consumer treadmill, consider one of these actions from previous holiday seasons:

Been buying Nothin' on Chismas for several years now.

p.s. don't get me nothin' either.

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