Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I'm Not Happy With WotC Customer Service...

...or why I won't be spending another dime on D&D.

I requested an extension for the two months that there were no updates to Character Builder. This was around the same time the forums were heating up about the lack of updates, my subscription was expiring and they announced that a new Character Builder was being produced. I wanted an extension because I had an existing subscription, and I didn't want to pay an extra premium (a full price re-subscription) to try out the new web-based Character Builder. I thought it was a fair request, it was denied even after several attempts to reason with them. I finally gave up and accepted the 2-month refund. That's when I attempted to deactivate the Auto-Renewal. The system wouldn't allow me to access my account, so I reported it to Wizard CustServ. On their own they disabled the auto-renew, but didn't fix my account access. (Although I think they should have fixed it and allowed me to unclick it myself - but that's fine.) 10 days later, as they stated (it would take 5-10 days,) I checked on my status, and they said I was refunded for the two months, but that was not the case - I checked both my Paypal and Bank Account. I re-opened the case and they insisted that I was refunded. I got busy and check 10 days later, still no refund. I re-opened the case again. This time they did note that it didn't go through, and they resubmitted for the refund. I either missed that notice, or wasn't sent one. So I checked again three days later, no refund and to be safe I tried to check my account information with them. My account still reported a server error message, which I copied for them - just in case.

Three days later I get a reply stating that it has been reported to the "department" that handles these type of issues and if I didn't hear from them (them being Digital River, as I found out) in three days to call a number with a ticket number. I called the number today, because I didn't hear from them. The support agent on that end looked up my information and told me that they don't handle refunds, and that I have to contact the supplier (WotC). They're obviously not on the same sheet of music.

It's been a MONTH since I accepted the refund, only to be giving the classic run-around. I have to wait again up to three days to be contacted by Digital River. 

Since I started this process, a month and a half ago, I've been denied a simple request and had to basically give in to accept a partial refund, only to be given a run-around for a month. The lack of communication, questionable policies and just plain customer service is disappointing.

I have tons of great customer service stories that I would to share, to show what I expected of WotC. I've work retail for 3.5 years, and IT for the past ten. I know what customer service is.

WotC doesn't seem to have a clue. 

I'll be back in three days.

A public rant on WotC Customer Service.

Posted via email from Th' Reverend Dak Post

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