Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dealing with Prop 21 (fail) and Prop 22 (pass)

I have an idea: Since Prop 22 won, effectively allowing cities to keep
a certain chunk of money earmarked for Transportation and their
property taxes. Before that the State has been diverting this money to
public services, such as schools and new fire trucks. I think it's a
good time for us, the rest of us, to start demanding that our public
officials spend that money properly. We don't need any more malls, we
don't need a new robotic parking lots. We need updated schools and
public spaces - parks! Since Prop 21 loss, State Parks aren't going to
get their $18 per car. They have to continue relying on gate fees,
public trusts and donations. At this rate State Parks are going to go
to shit. More will shut down - not that nature will care. The worst
case scenario is that the state will have to sell the land, and
someone will develop it. Cities will use their Transporation funds to
build new and expensive highways through their new purchased watershed
turned toll road.

Unless we do something about it.

How about we demand that our cities maintain these state parks and
keep them as parks?

Now for a rant: I know that a ton of these city officials are in bed
with developers. And maintaining a park isn't going to make anyone
rich. But NO ONE should be getting rich at the expense of the people.
I don't understand how we let it happen, and I don't understand why it
continues. People should be volunteering time, money and resources for
things that the public needs. Meaning, no one should be getting rich
from public projects. But it appears tons of people are, including
public officials. My tax dollars shouldn't be lining anyone's pockets,
especially a multi-million dollar developer.

Thinking about this really pisses me off. I could use Prop 19 right around now.

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